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Household Products Database (HPD)

Welcome to the Household Products Database tutorial. This tour allows you to follow along in the live Household Products Database website in the right-side frame, while following directions in this left-side panel.

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About HPD

1 of 2Have you ever wondered what's in your detergent, deodorant, or lawn care products? And what are the potential health effects of those ingredients?

The Household Products Database provides information on the potential health effects of chemicals contained in more than 15,000 common household products used inside and around the home.

You can access the Household Products Database from the list of databases on the main TOXNET page, or directly at this URL:

About HPD

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First, click About the Database in the bottom of the left-side menu to learn about the types of questions this database is designed to answer. 

What are some typical questions answered in Household Products Database?

Next, click FAQ to answer the following questions. 

How often is the Household Products Database updated?

True or False: All household products from all manufacturers are included in this database.

Navigating HPD

Return to the home page by clicking the Home tab at the top. 

There are several ways to locate information in this database. 

You can use the other tabs across the top to browse by product, manufacturer, ingredient, or health effect. 

You can use the large boxes in the center to browse by product category, or you can search the database with the Quick Search in the upper left-side menu. 

Quick Search

Suppose you recently purchased a polyurethane wood stain to refinish a table and would like to find out more about the product before using it.

Locate the quick search box in the upper left-side menu and type in the keyword polyurethane.

Notice that your search results for polyurethane are categorized by ingredients, products, chemical fragment names, and health effects. In this case, there are no results for polyurethane as a manufacturer. 

Click the link for polyurethane as an ingredient.

Search Results - Ingredient Record

In the ingredient record, you can find synonyms and links to searches in other NLM databases, such as PubMed, TOXNET, and ChemIDplus.

There is also a list of products in the database that contain this ingredient. 

Change the first drop-down menu at the top to product name. Click Go.

Show me

Click the link for Minwax Polyshades Int. Stain & Polyurethane Gloss Finish, Classic Oak and follow directions on the next page.

Search Results - Product Record

Examine the product record for Minwax Polyshades Int. Stain & Polyurethane Gloss Finish, Classic Oak. Be sure you can find: 

  • Manufacturer name and phone number
  • Acute and chronic health effects
  • Carcinogenicity information
  • First aid information
  • The health rating
  • Links to other ingredients in this product

What is the health rating for this product?

Click Health Rating to learn about what this rating scale means.

Click the Home tab at the top to return to the main page.

Quick Search Practice

Are there any products in this database that could potentially cause hyperactivity?

Use the Quick Search and search for hyperactivity.

Click on one of the resulting records to see that your search term has been highlighted in the record.

Click the Home tab at the top to return to the main page.

Glossary and Product Recalls

Finally, under support in the left-side menu, there is a relevant glossary for terms and acronyms, as well as a link to searching for product recalls.

Now, try out the database for a product you use!


What's under your kitchen sink, in your garage, in your bathroom, and on the shelves in your laundry room?Household Products Database tells you about what's in these products, potential health effects, and safety and handling. Remember, it is not a substitute for poison control. For advice if someone is poisoned, call your local Poison Center at 1-800-222-1222.

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