Convert Document to PDF

You should have the practice document DemoDoc1 open.

Do not run the Microsoft Accessibility checker.

We want the errors.

Save the Word document as a PDF.

Convert Word document to PDF

Add Accessibility Tool

Now we're going to use the Accessibility Checker built into Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

You may need to add the Accessibility Checker to the right-side tool bar.

Follow these steps to add the checker:

1) Click on Tools.


2) Use the search bar to find Accessibility (see below).

3) Click on Add Shortcut.

Add Accessibility Checker

4) View of Accessibility checker (below) added to right-side tool bar. The order of your tool bar may be different. Tools can be rearranged by dragging them where you want.

Adobe Acrobat Accessibility Tool

Run Full Check in Adobe Acrobat

After converting to a PDF, click on Accessibility and choose Full Check.

Full Check tool

After clicking Full Check, an options box appears (below).

Make sure your checked boxes match the image and then click Start Checking (You can click the image to make it larger).

Full Check Options Box

Full Check Results

Next, you may need to click the arrow to display the results on the left (You can click the images to make them larger). 

Full Check Results

Click the arrow next to Tables (2 issues) to expand.

Error report

Your error messages should match the errors below.

Expanded Error Report

Expanded View of Table Issues

In this expanded view of the Table issues, we see that the table is highlighted, which indicates a problem.

 Expanded view of Table Issues

Why did we get this error? 

Table in Tag pane

[Below is a zoomed-in view of the Table tag from above] While there are rows indicated by the <TR> tag, there are no Header rows defined.

Zoomed-in view of Table Tag in Tag Pane

Below is the correct layout of the Table.

Correct Table Structure in Tag Pane

Fixing the Table Header Issue

To fix this error, go back to the Word document DemoDoc1.

In Word, highlight the top 2 rows of the Table that we want to designate as Headers.

Choose Design from the Word ribbon.

Design Tab in Word

Make sure the Header Row and First Column boxes are checked.

Right click on any of the 3 highlighted Table cells; choose Table Properties.

Choose the Row tab.

Check the box: Repeat as Header row at the top of each page.

Choose the Alt Text tab and give your table a title and a description.

Save the Word document with a new title:

Convert this document to a PDF.

After converting to a PDF, choose the Accessibility checker in Adobe and run a Full Check again.

Next, click the Tag icon on the left-side menu in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

Tag Pane shows one less Table issue

You should now see the top two rows correctly designated as Table Header rows <TH>.

Corrected Table Tag Structure


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